Why HomeLord

25+ years of experience in the real estate business.

When giving your trust to an organization what actually matters are the people behind. We are proud to introduce you to our team, with Mr. Stephen Halmi, as our founding CEO, whose business principle could be summarized with the following words: Client driven business operations, expertise, international mindset, long-term partnership mentality. Stephen has successfully closed a great amount of deals – mostly in Spain and in CEE Europe – with a diverse Client base. This track record made him consider to launch his brad new venture – Homelord - to further serve his existing and new Clientele. The fact that his partners have been coming back is an unimpeachable sign that your requests will be taken care with the greatest possible care now and in the future. However, it is the ‘word of mouth’ what makes Stephen and his team pleased, as Client reference is an additional layer of trust what we fight for every day!

Widespread geographic presence, thanks to exclusive partnerships and co-operations with leading, renown real estate developers.

Homelord has ongoing contracts and co-operations – in many cases exclusive sales partnerships – with leading real estate developers, which offer, new, premium residential developments in the most sought out regions of the world. As you go through our projects section you’ll witness that Homelord concentrates its efforts on a wide selection of premium developments with the utmost care.

Our credo is to only look for premium, high-quality developments combined with the best prices attainable. Our easy to use online marketplace only offers unique projects!

Homelord makes the home hunt easy and convenient for you. There is no need to look at various listings, as we have every worthwhile and considerable residential development ‘under one roof’. Are you interested to buy yourself a new home? Do you consider to invest your money in buying a flat, house, apartment, which increases its’ value? Do you want to follow/anticipate investment trends and own a flat in Miami, Dubai, Sydney, London, Central or South-America to name a few regions? Then, you are at the right place! Come and visit Homelord on a regular basis, as our project offering is updated and broadened continuously!

Long-term mentality in Client relationships, where we seek the best possible financial terms for our buyers.

Since our goal is to make you feel 100% satisfied, we are not content with an only one-time interaction, quite the opposite, we’d like to see you return. This, according to us, could only be achieved with the combination of high-quality service and value for money. Our rule is simple: part of our agent commission is shared with our Clients, this way you purchase exclusive real estate under market prices!

We are more than a simple real estate company, we offer a complete portfolio management ranging from financial, legal services (bank, lawyer, notary etc.) to personal representation on the spot with proper authorization from your side.

Our aim is to make your journey with Homelord as easy and convenient as possible. Upon request we guide you through the entire sales process from the very start up until the last moment, ‘holding your hand’ whenever needed, as your reliable partner.

Generous affiliate program for those individuals who link us with future Customers.

As stated in our long-term business principle we act upon the triangle of premium resident offering, quality services and best value for money for our Clients. Besides, we reward each and every individual who refers to us a buying Client giving him/a munificent reward thanks to the joint efforts. If this would not be enough we grant a 20 year guarantee, hence if your acquaintance purchases a 2nd, 3rd ...property from us up until 2035, then your commission will be compensated accordingly! If you are interested in our affiliate program, then please get in touch with us at one of our contact details!