YOTELPad Miami

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Price Range
$325,000 - $650,000
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Hotel robots--from check-in to bartenders--are becoming increasingly popular around the world

Yotel, Worldwide
The trendy Yotel brand is an affordable chain geared toward tech-savvy travelers, so it makes sense it would be among the vanguard of robot-friendly hotels. As such, Yotel is slowly introducing a small number of robot butlers who can handle deliveries weighing up to 77 pounds. These robots can independently ride elevators and navigate hallways to bring you snacks and coffee, and there's even an app to track their whereabouts. Language shouldn't get lost in translation either since the robots are programmed to speak numerous tongues. In between deliveries, you'll find one of these robots hanging out in the lobby where you can ask it questions. They can also play music and dance, or rather, move, with you. The Boston location already has one, Singapore has two, while a new Miami location, YotelPad (pictured), a mixed-use condo/hotel property, will offer one in the hotel when it opens in 2020. Meanwhile, the NYC location even boasts a Yobot--a robotic device that temporarily stores your luggage.

About the Project

  • Total Units 231
  • Floors 31
  • Size 38.74 - 65.77m2 (416 - 707sq ft)
  • Bedrooms 1 - 2
  • Bathrooms 1 - 1.5