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  • We are Neinor Homes, the developer that makes the needs of the people who will live there the foundation of their homes. That’s why we design and develop with a series of brightness, orientation, practicality and sustainability criteria in mind in order to give you quality eco-friendly homes where you can settle down. On the following pages, you’ll find homes that are spacious and well laid out, with quality materials and meticulous finishings.
Price Range
177,000€ - 295,000€
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We are also committed to sustainable building, which helps us protect the environment and ensure energy savings. Plus, we believe in innovation above all else. This means our homes feature the best in thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as many other develop - ments we’re working on every day. With Neinor Experience, we stand by you throughout the process of choosing and purchasing your home, keeping you up-to-date on all the details, and guaran - tee the utmost transparency. We know that our clients’ trust is based on being sure their future home is a project that meets high stan - dards of quality, safety and design. You see. There is another way to do things. And to build homes, too.


Aquatic Activities
Bay / Beach Club
Ocean Beach
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About the Project

  • Total Units 187
  • Floors 3
  • Bedrooms 1 - 4
  • Bathrooms 2 - 3